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September 19, 2019: After 40 years we are closing our doors.

Entire collection FOR SALE, only 25% percent of which shown here on this website. Flash drive of the entire collection available ($20 for Flash drive and postage)

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WARNING: This site contains erotic art and explicit sexual material and
should not be entered by anyone under 21 or anyone that might be offended!


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Welcome to
This site is devoted to erotic fine art. It is not a museum site where you just get a peek at the history of erotic art, rather is a site where you can actually BUY erotic fine art. On over 100 pages you will fine a compendium of fine erotic art from three centuries and several cultures - all of it for sale (although a few pieces have already been spoken for). We have over 800 images of fine erotic art on the site so it is a true adventure for the avid art eroticist. Throughout the years our focus has remained true to exhibiting and selling fine erotic art.

PizzicatoThe collection of is from Erotics Gallery, a gallery of erotic fine art begun in New York City in 1975. The eye-opening collection chronicles erotic art from the 18th century to today. is intended as a giant catalogue of erotic art. There are no moving parts or things that whirl around. You cannot click on any of the images and make them larger; however, if you really NEED to see larger images, e-mail a request and larger images will be sent. The site has been designed (we hope) so that it is viewable from any browser format.

TattooPick any section of, BOOKS, PRINTS, OBJECTS, etc. and peruse the pages of the erotic fine art that you will find there.

Johns 3Of prominence in the collection is the work of a modern master, Doug Johns, a sexual surrealist sculptor whose ultimate goal is the elevation of sexuality to an art form. His work is featured under the ARTISTS and JEWELRY menus.

Each section has a drop-down menu of the pages in that field. Continue to explore and you will discover our extraordinary collection of erotic fine art. We rarely send out notices so it is a good idea to check back with us from time to time to see what is new - or what is old.