Museum and Fine Art Erotic Sites


Musée de l'érotisme, Paris
This seven-story museum houses a collection of erotic artifacts from around the world, including paintings, pottery, miniatures and much more.

Erotic Art Museum, Hamburg  ( Site in German )

Since 1998!  The first virtual erotic museum.

AMEA - World Museum of Erotic Art
This site is located on a server in Amsterdam NL and it is was founded by a small group of Dutch artists in 1996. Although much of the material presented here is considered to be pornography in many countries, it is the strong conviction of the founders that looking at imagery concerning the act of love will do no damage to your health.

Museu de l’erotica - Barcelona, Spain (has english version)

Erotic Museum Amsterdam
Being one of the oldest and historically richest cities in the world, Amsterdam also has some erotic history to offer you. Be welcomed by a typical Dutch girl on a very special bicycle and be transported from pleasure objects to paintings, prints and hilarious cartoons. Improve your history and art knowledge on a fun theme, take a peek on the floor dedicated to Sado Masochism only and check out La Galerie Provocatrice or Sexy Art Gallery that has been recently added.

Erotic Heritage Museum Las Vegas
The EHM houses more than 17,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits designed to preserve wonders of the erotic imagination as depicted through the artistic expression of acts of sex and love. It is dedicated to the belief that sexual pleasure and fun are natural aspects of the human experience, that such pleasure must be made available to all, and that our individual sexuality belongs to each of us.

Museo Larco - Sala Erotic (Lima, Peru)
Small collection of Peruvian ceramics from 800 A.D.